Utetezi – Africa-centred advocacy

i. Aim

To provide platforms for Africa-centred advocacy that strengthen movements and citizens’ voices in policy agenda setting and implementation while amplifying progressive African voices and decision-making at all levels.


ii. Approach

Fahamu believes that people must speak for themselves. Rather than leading, dictating or advocating on behalf of communities, people or causes, we will provide platforms, spaces, tools and networks to strengthen the advocacy of the movements with whom we will work.

While we understand the critical importance of international processes, Fahamu’s value add is our Africa-centred approach to advocacy.  We will support progressive Africa-centred advocacy from the local to the international, valuing citizens’ forums and village assemblies as well as formal policy spaces. Fahamu will support grassroots campaigns by enabling peer learning, establishment of networks, supporting the use of a variety of innovative advocacy tools and assisting them with strategizing their plans.

Fahamu strongly believes in genuine solidarity of people across the globe.  Solidarity based on the understanding of mutual gain from sharing and transferring knowledge, experience, resources across and within movements as well as mutual respect for self-determination and diversity. Wherever possible, we will support and encourage solidarity action, exchanges and peer learning across and within movements across Africa and the Global South.


iii. Expected outcome

Collaborating with at least 30 movements per year so that citizens’ voices in policy agenda setting, implementation and decision-making at all levels are strengthened through platforms for Africa-centred advocacy.