Adilisha – Learning by and across movements

i. Aim

To deliver movement building learning, popular education and consciousness raising tools to social movements, activists and other stakeholders in order to strengthen movements for social justice in Africa and globally.



Adilisha will seek to deliver a range of innovative and diverse learning tools and methodologies, be it through study groups, fellowships, activist bootcamps, distance learning and workshops, amongst others.  Further, the programme will seek to deliver learning that is focused on movement building, provides popular and political education and provides democratic spaces for peer learning and sharing on theory and practice for sustained, creative and inclusive movements.

Fahamu sees learning as an ongoing movement building process that is not restricted to the work we will do through Adilisha, but incorporated throughout our work for our staff, the movements we seek to serve and other stakeholders with whom we will work with.  Further, we will seek to have a significant multiplier effect through the Adilisha work by contributing to creating a cadre of visionary leadership for change in Africa as well as providing replicable and accessible models for learning.

Fahamu itself will continue to be a learning organisation through the understanding of the importance of reflection, critical analysis, continued learning and debate.  As such, our internal work and processes will be flexible and open to change based on reflection, need and learning.


iii. Expected outcome

Reach and impact at least 30 new informed, equipped and strong movements per year that are able to share and learn from their experiences and those of other movements that they work with in the struggle for social justice.