Managing Knowledge at Fahamu

Over 15 years of supporting the movement for social justice in Africa, Fahamu has amazing access to critical movement building knowledge and has itself accumulated a range of important knowledges. A rapidly changing global context demands innovative and evolving knowledge driven responses.  We therefore place knowledge management and democratisation as central throughout our work and collate, disseminate, track and assess the impact of the different types of knowledge that are derived from interactions with partner organisations, movements, popular and scholarly discourse.

Our Objectives:

1.  Build incrementally on Fahamu’s existing assets, processes and partnerships;
2.  Identify specific instruments needed to improve learning and knowledge-sharing;
3.  Identify the (organisational) cultural and behavioural changes as well as the incentives and training needed for implementation; and
4.   Harness resources and efforts and integrating them into a coherent and time-bound framework.


1.    Strengthening knowledge-sharing and learning processes;
2.    Equipping Fahamu with supportive knowledge-sharing and learning infrastructure;
3.    Fostering partnerships for broader knowledge-sharing and learning.