Utetezi Programme

Africa-centred Advocacy

AU Monitor

The AU Monitor initiative seeks to strengthen civil society and citizen voices at the AU and its organs. The AU Monitor initiative leads Fahamu’s work in the SOAWR coalition work seeking the universal ratification, domestication and implementation of African women’s rights as enshrined in the Protocol to the African Charter on African Women’s Rights.

New Media to End GBV

Fahamu is working with feminist movements in Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo to end gender based violence using survivor call centres, radio productions, theatre sketches and learning forums.

The Change Initiative

The change project uses concrete lessons for change from Kenyan change agents at various levels to institute and builds consensus for progressive change in Kenya. The project has supported citizen’s forums throughout Kenya and supports the democratization of local and national processes through active citizen engagement.

Tutambulike campaign - Domestic Workers Unite

In 2011, Wamama wa Dhobi, a group of over 150 daily waged domestic workers from Nairobi's informal settlements, started the Tutambulike campaign to articulate the economic and social demands of women informal workers, create mutual support and protection, and interface with mainstream unions, state institutions and other forums of redress.

We Are the Solution - Rural women's campaign for food sovereignty

The We Are the Solution campaign was born out of African farmers and peasant movements struggle against market driven agricultural policies for the purpose of creating alternative models, systems and practices that promote food sovereignty.  We Are the Solution is lead by rural women associations and their leaders in West Africa.


Utetezi provides platforms for Africa-centred advocacy that strengthens movements and citizens voices in policy agenda setting and implementation while amplifying progressive African voices and decision-making.


Fahamu supports progressive Africa-centered advocacy from the local to the international, valuing citizens’ forums and village assemblies as well as formal policy spaces. Fahamu supports grassroots campaigns by enabling peer learning, establishment of networks, supporting the use of a variety of innovative advocacy tools and assisting with strategizing. Having had significant involvement in amplifying civil society voices at the African Union and its organs, we are using this standing to provide platforms for those in the movement for change who would otherwise not have access to these policy forums so as to push progressive agendas and begin to transform citizen voices into agenda makers rather than reactors.

While we understand the critical importance of international processes, Fahamu’s value added is our African-centered approach to advocacy.  Fahamu firmly believes in genuine solidarity of peoples across the globe.  Solidarity based on the understanding of mutual gain from sharing and transferring knowledge, experience, resources across and within movements as well as mutual respect for self-determination and diversities. Wherever possible, we support and encourage solidarity action, exchanges and peer learning across and within movements. 

Throughout our work we are committed to new and diverse tools and tactics for activism including the innovative use of ICTs.  While we consider ICTs among the tools we seek to harness, we understand the limitations of the possibilities in our contexts and do not view these as silver bullets.  Further cognisant that technology may be adapted to the needs and uses of movements throughout Africa, Fahamu also recognizes the need for technology that is created by the people it seeks to serve.  We therefore seek wherever possible to create the networks, provide training and enable the use of technologies for change for and by the people of Africa. 

In order to ensure the effectiveness of our partners’ advocacy, the intersections of the Tuliwaza program and the Utetezi program enable Fahamu to support evidence-based advocacy while monitoring change over time.