From the local to the continental, the Fahamu Pan-African Fellowship programme aims to nurture and support grassroots African activism - generating contemporary, energetic, visionary and innovative thought and activism.


Gacheke and I decided to pay a courtesy call to the acting high Commissioner of kenya His exellency Fred Eshikuta(Counsellor)to book an appointment for the fahamu pan african fellows to visit the High commission.We arrived at 9am and were lucky to find him in the office after communicating with the embassy staffs at the reception of our intentions and who we are. As usuall we presented ourselves as Fahamu Pan Africa Fellows,talked about the fellowship programs and among other issues that we've participated on here in kigali MUGANDA the Rwanda National Cleaning day, Centre by Centre festivals and among many other interesting places we've Kigali Memorial Centre, Nyamata.
We were well received by the Counsellor, above all he was very much interested to know what we do as students of fahamu pan african fellowship
He requested some material books on social justice from Fahamu publications and sent greetings to the other fellows,promising to meet us all

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