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O-Camping Six VS The IDPs


Ocampo is persecuting our local criminals
That is why i am supporting the Ocampo Six
It is because we are both IDPs
internally dis-possessed people
Internally displaced people
internally dis-organised people
But I am the original IDP

Ocampo is persecuting our local criminals
using the international criminal court
may be every judge there is a criminal
it must be court of international criminals
like Blaring Tonys
and the Texas Bushes

the Ocampo six
are local criminals
They do not meet international standards
they are not even Bush compliant
They just need prayers
persuade them to run from their homes
and their properties
and come to our camps

All churches must pray
pray that they do not incite their loyalists
pray that they stop talking
pray that they step down from barrier mint
and the state ghost house
and stop them from talking and hating

just tell them to move
into our camps
and we shall move
into their homes and properties
shifting camps(but not politically)
That will be justice for us all
no arrests no warrants of arrest

so Ocampo please stop
persecuting our local criminals
stop persecution
Just let us shift camps and move camps
IDP camps for the Ocampo Six
property of the Ocampo six and their Homes for us
the IDPs.

Dennis Dancan Mosiere is poet/writer and musician based in Nairobi.

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