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The International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) is marked every year on May 17th. This day is celebrated for the fight against all the injustices occurring around the world to the sexual minorities. This year’s theme was “AS I AM”, as a response to the society and the world that presumes us to be from being demons, cursed or recruited. We are what we are: we cannot be changed; neither can we be transformed through miraculous prayers. It’s a shame some of us hide in false marriages and heterosexual relationships and pretend they are not in the LGBTI community.

Sensitive and Controversial subjects

Health Development Initiative (HDI) VISIT

I visited Health Development Initiative (HDI) with Kaitlin Dearham, the East Africa Program Manager for the launching of None on Record project in Kenya. We met with Dr. Kagaba, the director of HDI. Enlightened about some of the controversial programs the HDI team addresses, we were keen to hear the challenges faced in advocating for sensitive and controversial issues, with Rwandan society still clinging to cultural practices.

Self story

Halo, my name is Guillit Amakobe, a lesbian and human rights defender for the LGBTI community. I am an artist, and member of the LGBTI organizations Artist For Recognition and Acceptance (AFRA) and G-Kenya. Both organizations are based in Nairobi, Kenya under Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya (GALCK).

I was born and raised with a religious foundation, Catholic to be precise. With the tough Catholic fundamentals and a father strict like an army general, life was very complicated and lonely; adhering to my father’s rules, our home was like a military camp.

study group -- Rwanda week 1

What does change mean to us and how does change happen?

It’s adopting a new a routine in our lives, it’s also a change from one situation to another.

It can be defined as a substitute or a plan B in our regular routines in our daily lives.

As an activist in our community we stay and negotiate unless the problem leads to a fight, we use a non- violent defiant by staying and learning the situation using active non violent means to engage (oppressor) system.

If we were to stay and fight we seek power from the people through lobbying.



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