The Fahamu Pan-African Fellowship (FPAF)

2010-2011 fellows during the induction week of the FPAF programme

From the local to the continental, the Fahamu Pan-African Fellowship (FPAF) programme nurtures and supports grassroots African activism - generating contemporary, energetic, visionary and innovative thought and activism.

FPAF is a one year program that strengthens community based organisations and social movements by identifying community based activists with qualities of leadership and innovation, and providing them with hands-on work experience, training and support. FPAF provides opportunities for African activists to enhance their skills, experience and deepen their theoretical and practical understanding of methods for effective advocacy and for creating meaningful change. At the same time the program strengthens community based organisations and social movements by ensuring that each community based organiser is supported in their activism.

FPAF provides each fellow with five tiers of support during the course of the fellowship program:

1. placement in host organisations

2. ongoing mentorship

3. a buddy system for peer support

4. monthly learning seminars

5. a monthly stipend

Watch Picture of Resistance to meet the 2010-2011 FPAF fellows!

To learm more about the Fellowship programme, visit the FPAF Website