Background Information

There has been tremendous change in Kenyan society since the birth of the nation. Some of the transformation has been positive while some has been negative. It is therefore critical that we take stock of all the real and perceived change we have experienced throughout our history as only then can we be able to map a way forward with a clear vision. Hosted by Fahamu, this site is aimed at facilitating for discussions and sharing of information that will contribute towards shaping the change agenda in Kenya.

Fahamu is a pan-African organisation established in 1997, aimed at supporting the building of progressive pan-African social movements by stimulating debate, discussion and analysis, building a culture of respect for human rights and human dignity, supporting social justice advocacy and publishing and disseminating information using both new and conventional media.

European Development Days Conference

In October 2009 Fahamu, Society for International Development (SID) and other partners in civil society collaborated with the Embassy of Sweden, within the framework of Sweden’s Presidency of the European Union then chair of the European Union in Kenya, and convened a two-day conference on Citizenship and Development under the theme Reflections on Change. The conference was organized to provide a forum to reflect and clarify the content of the change sought in Kenya, to support on-going policy and political reform processes, and to provide space for change agents to reflect on and audit their experiences to deepen understanding on the circumstances of change. Kenya’s diverse society was represented in its full splendor at the conference, which drew together outstanding agents of change including community leaders, activists, government officials and the private sector

The discussions that took place during the conference led to the development of a Change Framework . This Framework for Change is based on the experiences of Change Conference participants and seeks to guide individuals, organizations or institutions that aspire to positively change Kenyan society. Using case studies and key concepts, the Framework aims to engage users by using a number of key questions to examine their progress towards realizing the transformation they seek.