Fahamu's Movemement Building Forum at the 2014 Zinduka Festival

The Movement Building Forum was convened by Fahamu Africa aimed at creating consciousness amongst   Zinduka participants to strengthen and nurture social movements in East Africa region. Fahamu is a pan-African organization whose vision is a world where people emancipate themselves from all forms of oppression. Fahamu exists to strengthen and nurture the movement for social justice in Africa through learning for change.

Fahamu's Transitional Justice Study Dialogue in Abidjan Côte d'Ivoire

From 29-31 October 2014, Fahamu is holding an Adilisha (To educate) Study Dialogue in Abidjan Côte d'Ivoire. Fahamu will deepen the learning process of activists dealing with peace-building and conflict resolution for them to explore transitional justice mechanisms as they uniquely manifest themselves in Africa by examining their conceptual meaning and practical realities.  

Movement building in the fight for secure land tenure and proper housing in Mathare

MuunganoAn interaction with John Njehia, a fellow with the FPAF, will immediately reveal his keen sense of purpose in the work he does – advocacy for the urban poor in the ensuring of security of land tenure and proper housing. His area of focus is largely in Nairobi’s Mathare ‘informal settlement’ schemes.   John is an active member of the Muungano Wa Wanavijiji, Federation of Slum Dwellers, movement.