Adilisha Programme

Education for Social Justice

FPAF Fellowship Program

From the local to the continental, the Fahamu Pan-African Fellowship (FPAF) programme nurtures and supports grassroots African activism - generating contemporary, energetic, visionary and innovative thought and activism.

Movement Building Boot Camp

The Movement Building Boot Camp for LGBTIQ activists provides existing and emerging activist leadership with conceptual and practical skills to advance the sexual rights agenda in East Africa as part of a broader agenda for human rights and progressive social transformation.

Fahamu Courses

Fahamu is currently expanding its course portfolio with the creation of training packs with several outputs on themes of core competence including: African centered advocacy; movement building and community organizing; new tactics in human and peoples’ rights; sexuality and sexual rights.


Adilisha delivers movement building learning, popular education and consciousness raising tools to social movements, activists and other stakeholders, to strengthen the movement for social justice in Africa and globally.


Adilisha utilises a range of innovative and diverse learning tools and methodologies, such as study groups, social justice fellowships, activist boot camps and distance learning.

Further, the program delivers a range of learning focused on movement building that provides popular and political education and democratic spaces for peer learning based on theory and practice for sustained, creative and inclusive movements.

The Adilisha Program uses a three-prong approach to learning throughout its projects:

1. in-depth learning assessment of needs;

2. innovative, accessible and responsive learning delivery;

3. support and follow up for learning implementation.

As a learning organization Fahamu understands the importance of reflection, critical analysis and debate. As such our internal work and processes are flexible and open to change need and learning. Space and time for staff learning is valued and opportunities made available whenever feasible. We see learning as an on-going movement building process that is not restricted to the work we do through Adilisha but incorporated throughout our work.

We seek to have a significant multiplier effect through Adilisha by contributing to creating a cadre of visionary leadership for change in Africa as well as providing replicable and accessible models for learning.